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Car Detailing & Ceramic Coating Toowoomba are your car paint protection experts.

Our protective coatings are an excellent investment for car enthusiasts, new and used car owners alike. Not only do they protect your paint from environmental hazards, but they also add a level of shine and depth to any vehicle.

Ceramic Coating Toowoomba

Ceramic coatings are transparent, layer-able, nano-thin coatings applied to the surface of a vehicle. After curing, this type of coating will transform on the surface of your vehicle forming a durable, permanent and flexible shield. Applying a ceramic coating to your car is like adding an additional clear coat that has extra protective properties. This will give the vehicle excellent protection, high gloss, and self-cleaning characteristics.

Ceramic coatings are safe for new and used cars (when combined with our paint correction services). They also provide the highest quality vehicle paint protection available.

Ceramic Coating Toowoomba- From $990

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Paint Protection Toowoomba

If you’ve recently purchased a new car or have an older vehicle, protecting your vehicle’s paint is essential. When combined with our paint correction services, a ceramic coating paint protection is appropriate for used cars as well as brand new cars. Our ceramic coatings offer the best paint protection available.

A ceramic coating can be applied to any vehicle. While the process may sound complicated, it is simple to understand the immense benefits it provides. Car Detailing Toowoomba – Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection coatings are durable and have a glossy finish that will keep cars looking newer for longer. Ceramic coatings are an excellent option for anyone who has a vehicle they love and want to protect from the harsh Queensland elements.

World Leading Technology 

Ceramic coatings are recognised worldwide as the best protective technology for vehicles. The tough surface finish of a protected vehicle also helps keep your car easy to maintain.

World Leading Protection

Easy To Clean

Stays Cleaner

Chemical Resistant

UV Resistant

Customer Approved

Why Choose Ceramic Coating Toowoomba For Your Paint Protection?

A ceramic coating is a high gloss and permanent paint protection. The end result is an ultra-hard and hydrophobic surface that is not only chemical, UV and thermal resistant but also adds a depth of colour and glossiness to your vehicle’s appearance.

Ceramic Coating Toowoomba

Pick Up / Drop Off Service

Car Detailing Toowoomba - Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection offers a pick up/ drop off option to make things as easy as possible for you.

Increased Protection

Ceramic Coating adds a layer of protection to your car’s paint and protected surfaces. This protective coating provides a slick characteristic that helps to repel dirt, water, and other contaminants. Our professional ceramic coatings offer more protection than traditional waxes, and will also protect the vehicle’s paint from chemical and environmental damage which can result in dull and faded paint.

Ceramic Coating Toowoomba Barriers

Ceramic paint coatings work as a barrier against saltwater, scum, exhaust, stains and chemicals. This makes ceramic coatings an excellent choice for vehicle and boat paint protection.

Self-Cleaning - Less Maintenance

Cleaning your car is a time-consuming process. After applying a ceramic coating, maintaining your vehicle will require less effort and frequency. Waxing will also no longer be necessary as the coated surfaces do not allow water and particles to stick.

Increased Speed & Fuel Economy

Ceramic coating is a newly developed technology that is quickly becoming the next innovation in the automotive industry. The coatings are made up of nano-sized ceramic particles that are applied to the outer surface of an automobile which reduces surface tensions, creating higher speeds at cruising RPM’s.

Stay new! Permanently

The ceramic coating process is used for car, boat, and motorcycles to produce a reflective finish that lasts for years with minimal maintenance. Once the high gloss permanent ceramic coating is applied, you will see a mirror effect, glossiness and an abrasion-resistant surface. This hard oxide finish is unlike any other type of automotive paint protection.

Why Use Ceramic Coating Toowoomba For Your Vehicles Paint Protection?

Immense Gloss and depth

Ceramic coatings are a great way to increase the lustre, shine and look of your vehicle. A ceramic coating will give the surface of your vehicle increased colour depth and an immense mirror-like gloss.

Advanced Resistance

A car's exterior finish will degrade over time, but Ceramic Coating Toowoomba utilises the latest ceramic nanotechnology to give your car's paint superior chemical resistance and durability. It is a sure way to protect your vehicle from aggressive chemicals like acid rain, salt corrosion, and industrial pollutants.

Longlasting durability

Ceramic coating Toowooba coatings are a high gloss nano-ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coating Toowoomba
Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the most advanced vehicle paint protection in Toowoomba. Our premium Ceramic Coatings chemically bond to your vehicle’s paint to construct an additional layer of protection, while also enriching the shine of your vehicle’s paint.

Wondering how to keep your car interior free of mess and stains? Ceramic Coating is the answer! This water and oil repelling barrier can be applied to any fabric or leather interior. Any spills will then slide straight off the surface, making cleaning up a breeze.

When it comes to vehicle paint protection, there really is no other option that compares to a ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coatings main benefits are:

The added layer of protection against the elements and the mirror effect and colour depth created.

However, not all ceramic coatings are created equal and it is crucial to choose an applicator who has in-depth knowledge about protective coatings, vehicle preparation and the correct application techniques as well as one who uses a high-quality product and reputable brand to avoid disappointment and wasting precious time and money.

You can depend on Car Detailing Toowoomba – Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection to deliver exceptional ceramic coating results.

The primary reason most people choose ceramic coating for their vehicle paint protection is to ensure the longevity and quality of their new car’s exterior paint surface.

But ceramic coatings also offer exceptional protection to your vehicle’s glass, interior (fabric, leather & vinyl) and alloy wheels. As well as boats, jetskis, caravans and planes. It is perfect for those wanting to keep their car looking as good as new or better.

Ceramic coatings are also suitable for older vehicles. If you have begun to see small swirls or scratches in the paint, Car Detailing Toowoomba – Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection can help restore your car’s paint to that new car gloss with our paint correction services, followed by a ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is a highly durable protective coating that protects your vehicle’s paintwork and surface from the damaging effects of the environment. When applied to a vehicle’s surface, it produces a hard, clear and near indestructible coating that can last for years because it will not wash off or break down in any way.

The remarkable formula permits it to be applied in numerous layers, which means the thickness of the coating can be increased with additional layers allowing a thicker/more rigid coating with improved scratch resistance.

Our ceramic coating is offered in 1 layer, 2 layers or 3 layers. 


We provide exceptional ceramic coating paint protection in Toowoomba, from new cars, motorcycles, existing vehicles to boats, jet skis and caravans that need their paint corrected and protected. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation ceramic coating quote. 

We also offer a full range of mobile car detailing services. See our car detailing Toowoomba page for more info.

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